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I love the way writing allows complicated feelings and ideas to be communicated with precision. I see the editing process as an equal partner in this endeavor and am thrilled by the puzzle of searching for the right combination of words put in the right order. I analyze and write personal essays about books, television, friendship, comedy, mental health, sexuality, religion, and pop culture writ large.


I studied religion in college because I'm interested in our most fundamental animating forces. What makes us care, act, and love? And how do the answers we find to those questions look different across different circumstances?


I read as many books and watch as much TV as life allows and would be thrilled to recommend a book or TV show to match any mood or occasion for you. I love women's soccer (especially the US Women's National Team and the Chicago Red Stars), my cats, interior decorating, and improv.


I grew up in Olympia, WA, moved to Minnesota for college, and now live in Chicago. At different points in my life I’ve been lucky enough to live for a short period of time in China, Norway, and London.


Please reach out if you would like me to write or edit for you, or if you'd like to learn more about anything here!


Detective Linden & Detective Holder

Catch me in this outfit at a wedding

Catch me in this outfit every day

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